Unconventional Cancer Resources

**This post was originally published on my first blog in Sept 2015**

The “month of all things pink” is coming upon us fast, so I wanted to dedicate a post with resources for people who are looking for alternative or complimentary therapies and treatments to conventional cancer treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation, eat whatever you can keep down). We have all been affected by cancer at this point in history, some more personally and devastatingly than others. The people suffering from and struggling with cancer and their loved ones are always in my prayers. 

One specific thing I pray for is that more people look for ways to take action for themselves or their loved one to heal their bodies from the inside out. I pray that more people who get the diagnosis of cancer or see their loved one get it take it as an opportunity to make some serious lifestyle changes for the better. 

Note: Some of the websites or people I am posting about are very much against conventional cancer treatment of any kind. As with all medical decisions, I think the decision about what treatment or combination of treatments a person uses for cancer should be theirs and theirs alone. I do highly recommend researching optimal diets, complimentary therapies, and detoxification strategies for those who do choose to go the conventional route. Below is a list of places to start that type of research:

The Truth About Cancer: Ty Bollinger lost several family members to cancer, and subsequently has made it his life’s mission to share alternative strategies to conventional treatment with others. “The Quest for the Cures” is a great video series of Ty interviewing practitioners and survivors from all over the world who take an alternative approach to medicine, and specifically to cancer. 

Chris Beat Cancer: Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in 2003. He underwent surgery which removed part of his colon, ileum and a tumor. He then refused further conventional treatment and has remained cancer free to this date, mainly through nutrition. His website has a lot of great resources and inspirational interviews.  

CancerTutor.com: Website with a ton of resources about various different alternative cancer treatment protocols. 

CancerCrackdown.org :Tara Mann is a former pharmaceutical rep who then went on to found this organization. CC provides hands-on help to people trying to utilize alternative cancer therapies. They help them find the right practitioners and help them financially with all of the expenses of therapies not covered by insurance. This would be a great organization to donate to next month if you are looking for an alternative to Koman. 

Mykidhascancer.com: Ryder is a little boy fighting neuroblastoma. His parents have recently started a website that provides resources for people wanting help with natural options for childhood cancer. This month, September, is National Childhood Cancer month. There are many more kids with cancer these days than we collectively realize. This isn’t due to a genetic epidemic. Go to this website to learn how to do things to help prevent childhood cancer, as well as options for kids currently battling it. Ryder did go through standard chemo. 

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez: Dr. Gonzalez recently passed away, but leaves behind a legacy of helping many people win their fight with cancer. He did what I think we all should do, and learned from history. He started as a journalist who interviewed a couple of people who were successfully treating cancer, then decided to go to medical school. He has a website, but I also recommend listening to any interview you can find on YouTube with him, and reading his books. I especially like that he individualized diets to the person, and didn’t believe everyone has to adopt one type of diet to be healthy. 

Healingcancernaturally.com: Another good website with many resources to choose from. 

This is a short list, I know, but all of these websites are great places to start your research about what steps might be right for you to pursue. There is no one strategy for treating and preventing cancer, so it will take some effort and research on each individual’s part to figure out what works for them. I pray that more people take the reigns and take more control of their health. It is possible and it is empowering!


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