Where to Start Your Vaccine Research

There is so much information about vaccines out there these days. In the mainstream media, there is a very clear and deep divide between the “pro-” and “anti-” vaccine camps, with the “antis” described as either well-educated, yet selfish, women or ignorant anti-science Neanderthals, or a combo of both.

A little background about me: I am an RN and have three kids, the oldest two of which I vaccinated according to the CDC schedule. My oldest son had some health issues earlier on in life, but we made some dietary changes and his health has improved. It wasn’t until I came across a story in August of 2014 about a reanalysis of a 2004 Pediatrics study that showed a 240% increase in autism in black boys with earlier vaccination with the MMR vaccine, that I really started digging deep into my vaccine research. The reanalysis included data that the original authors excluded from the final paper, and one of the original authors, Dr. William Thompson, sent a statement out through his lawyers saying that he regretted the fact that they withheld statistically significant information from the paper. *Here’s a video update on this situation which came out 1/26/16.*

I posted about this on my FB page and said that I was interested to see how this shook out. Surely it would be all over the news and scientists from across the globe would be asking for the data to analyze for themselves. The CDC would likely immediately suspend or adjust the vaccine schedule for black boys at the very least. Big changes were coming!

Nope. We got a media blackout and smear campaign for Dr. Brian Hooker, the author of the paper, in the “science blog” scene. The article was removed from the journal the day after it was published, and has since been put back up with a statement of retraction.The whole thing was blown off and the old “Blame Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy” game was played. Those of us that wondered if maybe we should look into this were called anti-science and dangerous. Well, that got me heading down a path that has landed me firmly in the “vaccine choice” camp. But you can just call me an “anti-vaxxer” if you prefer.

So, I wanted to share some simple facts and visuals with you to show why it is necessary for us to research vaccines before we consent to them and why we should protect parents’ and individuals’ rights to make vaccine decisions for themselves.

  1. Look at the vaccine ingredients list that is posted on the CDC website. I was personally under the impression that vaccines were saline solution with bits of virus or bacteria in them before I decided to take a closer look.Things to consider and research: ingestion vs. injection of these ingredients, the mechanisms of the adjuvant aluminum, and the fact that at least traces of aborted fetal cells are clearly listed as currently being in some vaccines.


  1. Here is a good visual of a comparison of the number of vaccine doses my generation got to how many my kids’ generation is getting. Laws like SB277 in CA give license to the government to add to this list as it pleases.

  1. While researching the topics listed above, be aware that this vaccine schedule in its entirety (or really even partially) has never been studied for safety. Safety studies are generally done for one vaccine on healthy people and true placebos are rarely used. They are usually compared to other vaccines or vaccine adjuvants, not saline. So we do not know what the accumulative or synergistic effects of all of these vaccines or any combo of these vaccines are.
  1. In 1986, the vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from liability for vaccine damages in the U.S. There is now a special “court” without a judge, jury, or discovery that people seeking compensation from vaccine damages have to appeal to. Payouts are rare and the process is laborious, long, and expensive. The payouts come from taxes we pay on each vaccine dose. The companies have no incentive to ensure the safety of their products.

This list is intended as a good jumping-off place for anyone interested in looking into vaccines for themselves. And it should be enough to prove that it is absolutely necessary for us to retain the freedom of choice in this matter. In future posts I will get into more details like the theory of “vaccine-induced herd immunity,” the rampant conflicts of interest in the government, regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical industry, the real history of infectious diseases and vaccines, and “astroturfing” in the media.

Resources (just a few):

Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk- Excellent and very well-referenced book that looks at the history of infectious diseases and vaccination. It does not reflect the version of history we are told by media, government agencies,public health officials, medical schools or nursing schools. Dr. Humphries also has several lectures available on YouTube, and they are all very well-referenced and informative.

PubMed– Go ahead and do a few “vaccine” searches in this database. This is where the science is, and there is plenty of it that contradicts the “all vaccines are safe and effective” mantra. A topic to start with is ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants). Also be aware that many times a result that sheds a negative light on a vaccine or vaccines is purposefully not mentioned in the abstract. You have to read the whole paper. I recently found out about Sci-Hub, where full papers are available free of cost.

National Vaccine Information Center– Organization fighting to retain freedom to make personal decisions about vaccines. They have a lot of info about the diseases that we vaccinate for and the vaccines themselves. They also have a lot of info about the vaccine requirements for each state.

www.VaccinePapers.org– This site takes a pretty unbiased look at vaccine science. It dispels myths on both sides of the vaccine debate.

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic is a book which clearly explains the probable relationship between food allergies and vaccination.


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